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leaning forward(UCSD Archive for New Poetry Newsletter September 1987)

Grace Paley's first book of poetry, Leaning Forward, collects poems written over the past twenty years. The subjects of hr poetry are much the same as those in her short stories, of which three volumes have been published since 1959. The pems are about Jews and Judaism, Paley's octogenarian, Russian-immigrant father, and a few neighborhoods she has lived in in New York City, Also, a number of poems concern the Vietnam war and her many (some celebrted protest activities.

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Review: Americas: Essays on American Music and Culture, 1973-1980 by Peter Garland Print E-mail

garland(American Music Volume 4, Issue 3, Fall 1986; revised March 2013)

The Fist-Shaking Iconoclast

Fourteen essays comprise Americas. There are short pieces on “American Piano” and “American Percussion.” There are tracts about literary nomads Paul Bowles (whose Selected Songs Garland issued in 1983), Jamie de Angelo, and B.. Traven. There are lengthy discussions of Conlon Nancarrow, Silvestre Revueltas, Harry Partch, and Lou Harrison. And there are three travel journals written in Mexico, an autobiographical respite from his cause. In general, the book shakes its fist on behalf of the experimentalist radicals of American music and their attacks on American musical propriety.

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