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I offer manuscript evaluation at $6.00 per page. My minimum is 50 pages, and I typically do between 75 and 100 pages, if it's a full-length work. This includes in-depth analysis of the writing (voice, narrative technique, self-disclosure, and structure), summary notes, and a phone or in-person consultation. My fee as a writing coach is $100 per hour.

If the project involves editing a finished manuscript, then I charge $500 per 100 pages as a line editor, correcting grammar, punctuation, and format.

I'm also available to lecture/teach at colleges and public forums; two-hour, all-day, and week-long writing workshops; faculty development programs in writing and teaching memoir; and brief residency writing programs. In addition, I can speak about heart disease and writing about illness and recovery with medical societies and groups as well as to discuss the music of Samuel Barber in colleges, at conferences, and with music societies and groups.

Expenses and fees for book projects are negotiable. Please inquire: 858-717-1293.

You may pay me, when applicable, with one of the $10, $20, $50, or $100 options at Paypal.

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