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Barber's Adagio

"To the Best of Our Knowledge"

Wisconsin Public Radio Program

Classical Net Rave

NPR "Saddest Music" Forum

Richard Gilbert Review

A World Full of Sad Music

"Adagio" Recordings

Books on Single Pieces of Music


Toscanini 1938 Premiere

Choral Version: "Agnus Dei"

Platoon Elias Death Scene

DJ Tiesto Dance Mix

Seinfeld Parody "The Fatigues"


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Elegy for the Trapdoor Spider. San Diego Reader November 20, 2019

Everyone's Agnostic. Radio Interview: Spirituality & the Writer September 10, 2019.

Review of Heidi Czerwiec's Fluid States. Shapes Shifted, Senses Altered, Values Freely Wheeled.


On Writing That Is Far Less Religious, Way More Spiritual. Brevity May 30, 2019

Spirituality and the Writer: A Personal Inquiry Swallow Press / Read an Excerpt


Samuel Barber Documentary: Absolute Beauty.


The Memoir & the Memoirist: Twelfth year, Fourth printing.

The Sanctuary of Illness: A Memoir of Heart Disease. Paperback / e-Book.

Photographs & Writings of Blake Ellington Larson.


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