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"The Five Rs of Creative Nonfiction" Lee Gutkind


"How Not to Write A Book Review" Robert Pinsky


"Daddy" Linda Nevin: exquisite brief essay


JC Hallman's "On Repetition" @ The Millions


Joyce Carol Oates's 1988 use of the term Pathography, in a NYT review, to describe vindictive biographies


"Character in Nonfiction" Donald Morrill


A Dialogue between Joyce Carol Oates and Meghan O'Rourke Memoir & Grief


Sarah Gorham's beautiful essay "The Art of Lying"


Daniel Mendelsohn's review of Ben Yagoda's Memoir: A History in The New Yorker January 25, 2010 But Enough About Me


Marion Winik's article, Los Angeles Times: The Pitfalls of One's Recall


Fascinating New York Times's Blog: "The Memoir and Children's Privacy"


My Favorite Blog: Richard Gilbert's "Narrative"


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absolute beauty

H. Paul Moon's documentary, "Samuel Barber: Absolute Beauty." San Diego Premiere: Nov. 5, 1 pm, Media Arts Center.

River Teeth: "Words & Their Users: Wresting with John D'Agata's Canonry." October 4, 2017.

Pacifica Literary Review: "The Reliably Spiritual Author." August 2017.

San Diego Reader: "Between Indifference and Hope." June 28, 2017.

River Teeth: "What It Was My Father Came Here To Get Away From." 18.2. Spring 2017

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The Memoir & the Memoirist: Tenth year, Fourth printing.

The Sanctuary of Illness: A Memoir of Heart Disease. Paperback / e-Book.

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