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Here I list other musical elegies, laments, odes throughout the musical universe and across music history. I link to a recording for sale on Amazon or, if available, a YouTube video.


I. Classical Music

1. Aaron Jay Kernis "Meditation" (In memorium for John Lennon)

2. Aaron Jay Kernis "Musica Celestis" Second Movement, String Quartet No. 1, also scored for string orchestra

3. Peter Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 6, Fourth Movement: "Adagio"

4. Albinoni "Adagio in G minor" (from the film Gallipoli)

5. Henryk Gorecki "Second Movement" Symphony No. 3 "Symphony of Sorrowful Songs"

6. Henry Purcell "When I Am Laid in Earth" Dame Janet Baker

7. Johann Sebastian Bach "Air on the G String"

8. Beethoven Quartets:

9. Guillaume Lekeu "Adagio for String Orchestra" (on the death of Cesar Franck)

10. Gregorio Allegri "Miserere"

11. Erik Satie First Gymnopedie "Lent et douloureux"

12. Edvard Mik'aeli Mirzoyan "Poem Epitath: in memory of Aram  Khachaturian"

13. Aaron Jay Kernis "In Memory of Those Lost in Newtown, Connecticut"

14. Bernard Rogers "Elegy on the Death of FDR"

15. Alan Hovhaness "Prayer for St. Gregory"

16. Louis Mennini "Arioso"


II. Popular Music

1. "River" Joni Mitchell

2. "The Banks of the Clyde" Linda Thompson

3. "Georgia Lee" Tom Waits


III. Folk Music

1. Bonnie Rideout "Dunblane" by Charlie Glendinning (from Scottish Reflections)

2. Jay Ungar "Ashokan Farewell" (from Ken Burns's Civil War)

3. Mordechai Ben David "Kol Nidre" (prelude to Yom Kippur evening service)


IV. Soundtracks

1. The Mission "Gabriel's Oboe" Ennio Morricone

2. Amelie "La Valse" Yann Tiersen